Finally part of the team?

Right, this is about teamwork.

I guess you might have noticed I am writing some of my blog posts in advance. I am about to today go on my first training session to do with the new IT system our local libraries are all using from next week. I have also been shown how to open up the library, how cool!

Basically, this is just me checking in saying how I am feeling about the place I work. Yes it’s working for free but I don’t care, it’s my workplace.

Now, I’m starting to see myself get more responsibilities & trust from my co-workers and that’s great. Since the last week or so I’ve finally started to feel like maybe I should stay a while & treat it like a real job!

For those of you who read my previous post. the book sale was a great success and it gave me chance to get my head around the till and serving customers more. I also myself picked up two books. It instigated me into thinking that I might start looking through charity shops for bargain buys!

Deal Breaker – Harlan Coben

A fast-paced amateur detective novel.

This book is based in America, surrounding a sports agent and part-time detective Myron Bolitar. A girl has gone missing over a year ago and her current partner at the time is signed to Myron’s agency. He rings and says he has information regarding the girl (Kathy)’s disappearance and so Myron sets up an investigation.

This book is just under 400 pages long and is a decently paced book that keeps the attention for long periods of time. There is enough suspense that makes you wonder what is going on and gets you to read more. The main parts of the story that draw you in aren’t until around the 250-page mark which means it is quite dull for some parts but when the suspense kicks in, you get a surprise in the chapters.

Th characters in this book are run of the mill detective novel type but they make you want to read more about them. Which is just as well because this book is part of a few book that has the same characters (Myron Bolitar series).

The tone of the book is light humoured and mentions casual sarcasm from the main character’s thoughts quite often. This breaks up the sometimes mundane police procedure throughout, although it is not as detailed as it could be

I liked the ending and it did wrap all the events but left you feeling like you wanted to hear more about the main characters. I was satisfied and will possibly when I have extra time on my hands read further books in the series by Harlan Coben.

Wanna know a secret?

Hello guys,
I’m guessing at least one person reads this blog, sometimes!

I have a little confession to make. I bought a Kindle, 4th ed. Yes, I know I wrote a post not long ago, about how I would never use one. But I can honestly say it’s for a good cause and that’s what it’s all about right?

I was browsing eBay and chanced across a 2nd hand kindle. I was just humoring myself but then I saw that it was a very cheap price, and who can’t resist a bargain? It was a bid-only auction for a charity (British Heart Foundation) so I bid on it and won about 6-8 hours later. It only cost me just under £24 inc. P&P. If you were to buy one through Amazon directly you’re talking about £60 without P&P.

Anyway, the delivery came the other day so I finally got round to setting it up and downloading a load of free classics like “Black Beauty” and “Little Women” to start me off. I haven’t really had a chance to use it yet.

I was working at the library Friday. We had a book sale so were all on our toes that afternoon; 2-4pm & I finally got round to picking up 2 more new books to read and add to my read collection on GoodReads. Plus, if I don’t like them I can always return them early!

Born Bad – Marnie Riches.

Image result Interesting; gang culture & family loyalty.

As I am drawing close; finishing this book, I have grown attached to the characters and storyline. I don’t want to ruin it for people but there are some OMG moments throughout.

The book is based in Manchester and it is about the underbelly and “gangsters” of the city. Many reviewers have said it is gritty. I don’t think it is that dramatic if you take into account the actual storyline.

Although at the beginning I was just asking for someone to take this book off my hands, by the middle I decided it is a slow burner and take a while to acclimatise yourself to the people in the book and the lifestyle, as it is not natural to most. As it draws to a close on the last 100 pages I feel myself saying that I now do not want it to end.

There is violence throughout, use of illegal weapons, swearing and general things which most would turn their nose up at but if you enjoy that type of reading this book is perfect. I have read elsewhere that if you a fan of either “Martina Cole” or “Kimberly Chambers” you will enjoy this book. I am coming as a new reader so I can’t judge but I am after finishing, looking into books by these authors too.

This book is the first part of an unfinished series, that has not been published yet. I believe I will go on to read the rest of the books, soon after they are released.

Reading; 3 books at a time?

Right, this is just a short post.

I am currently reading about 3 books at once. The pros and cons of this are pretty much this – if you’re reading 3 books and you are doing a reading challenge then you’re going to achieve it a hell of a lot quicker than pacing yourself at one book per read.

The other side is that maybe when you read more than 2 books at a time you end up not being able to keep track of where you are in the book, and forget key details as you are too busy remembering the other books details.

It also feels like it takes longer to read but in honesty you’re probably going to skip details or not take it all in, like you would with one book at a time. No distractions then. That is just a brief generalisation on reading more than one book.

Feel free to give me your thoughts. Do you read 1 book or more than 1 at a time?

Why I buy actual books,

What do I mean in the title you ask? Anti-Kindle.

Many people are probably wondering where I get my books I review from. Simple: I either buy them from Amazon or I also borrow them from the local library – if they are in stock! WHY NO KINDLE? I hear you ask.

The only inconvenience in this scenario is either waiting for stock or delivery, but if I time it right this isn’t really a problem. Just order, say a week, in advance and you’re sorted. I have to agree, sometimes like today, there are times when you think a kindle would have been helpful – as I could have just clicked and read my book in seconds. But like I already thought, I’m still reading the last book anyway – Actually, I just started it, so the next will be here in time for me to finish the last. Sorted.

The great thing about this idea I’ve come across is not only am I saving money, I get to really feel the book. To judge it’s size in comparison to the last. Give it a smell and see if it’s bindings are old or new. See it if its fresh out the package and a new copy. I also have a big thing about always having the bookmark right before the new page, and as it’s nearly always a new chapter it just looks cool.Random fact for you: I have a weird thing, which I don’t know if anyone else does – always stopping and starting books on a new chapter when I take a breather. You just can’t get the same feeling from a kindle!

Opinions welcomed =)

Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher.

Image resultTeachers: read this in schools, please?

The real reason for reading this amounts to hearing all about it and seeing adverts related to “Netflix” tv show tie-in. As you can imagine there will always be comparisons to TV vs Book, but it depends on which way you watch/read them.

The book is written in 3 ways: past, present, and narrator. The ‘looking back’ past is thoughts by Clay,  and the Present is the same. However, the Narrator (of the tapes) is, as the boy Clay listens to them, voiced as if you were listening to her; Hannah Baker.

I’m sure you have by now heard of the basic storyline. The boy Clay receives a shoebox full of numbered cassette tapes (ask someone from the 80s for a definition!). It is recordings from the local girl from school who has just committed suicide.

I  still reading the book right now but basically, page by page, I am turning off my sympathy for Hannah. I also don’t really care enough about Clay to emphasise with his on-going monologue and thoughts. Hannah comes across as being obsessed by little irritating things – so much that you want to roll your eyes at her and mutter something like “that’s life” and similar sayings that you hear, as you’re growing up.

The book comes across as slightly immature and unless you can stick to hearing about silly, immature teen life I would recommend avoiding this. The more you read the more you get drawn in. I would recommend this be on the English Lit list for teenagers to read for GCSE’s as it has very interesting themes that SHOULD be discussed in a class session.

Why I failed the Epic…

As I get to the 20% mark of my GoodReads Challenge; 2 of 10 books. I am now looking back. There is only one book so far that I have put down mid-way through reading – early in my Challenge.

I tried for this book choice in my challenge to read an “epic” just because I’d heard about it and thought I would try and be clever reading it. If you know me you will realise I haven’t read a proper book in a very long time.. and I’m talking nearly ten years. That is other than a certain Harry Potter book released in 2016, and the Wicked series.

The reason I think I failed this book was mainly down to the fact; it was a bloody long book – at a huge 835 pages long! I think I took on something that is currently out of my league, although I did give it a good go. I got to page 472  before finally caving and stopped, half way through. You are probably wondering what the book title is?

This book was called “A Game of Thrones” by George R.R Martin. Yes, there is a tv show called the same title on Sky Atlantic and if you’ve ever given that a watch you will agree (sorry if I’m being controversial?) but it drags on; just as much as the book. Ahh, but don’t we all love a good tv show with sex, violence & DRAGONS, maybe? I didn’t.

Sherlock Holmes & the Titanic Tragedy – William Seil

12064253 A fascinating read.

You can thoroughly absorb yourself in the real people involved. as well as enjoy meeting new and old Sherlockian fictional characters from both A.C.Doyle’s world. It is set in 1912 and although this is an original story by another author, it still maintains a similar sound to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous mystery series.

You read through Watson voice and point of view, which makes it interesting. It is also based when both Sherlock Holmes and John Watson are ageing up into their 60s, semi-retired but still as sharp and quick-witted as they always were.

The contrast between the two females Miss Norton and Miss Storm-fleming are interesting. One; being more masculine and dominant, a carrier of important documents, helping Holmes. Whereas the other is a delicate and feminine figure, who is depicted as a female friend, to Watson. This shows a nice balance of characters in the book.

This is my first Sherlock adventure read and although it is not by the original author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I believe it is a good read and keeps your attention; without going on too long or boring the reader.